The difference between Bitcoin and the internet is that one could not invest directly in the internet. You could buy shares of companies that were internet based but not a piece of the internet itself; but when you buy bitcoin you own a piece of the blockchain and as bitcoin transactions have grown the price of bitcoin has appreciated. Yet for a  ‘non-tech’ layperson trying to understand, Bitcoin, the Blockchain and decentralised finance (DeFi) requires proper education before one can competently invest in this space. 

As a former lecturer of International Relations, Faris enjoys explaining complex issues simply. 

He holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in International Development from Deakin University, Melbourne. He is trilingual, a former lecturer in International Relations and Political Economics and interned for President Jimmy Carter’s Centre for Peace and Development.

Faris was an avid investor from the age of 24, when he bought his first of several properties. His weekends were often devoted to going to investment seminars and workshops on investing in real estate, gold and individual equities.  

After a more than 10 year career in International Relations and Development Faris started day-trading (US and Australian equities, currencies, and crypto-currencies) on a full time basis. In his macro-economics research he came across Bitcoin and could see the macro-economic disruption it would create. Faris’ daily research into global financial markets, macro–economics and geopolitics enables him to keep up to date with how governments and private enterprise are now adopting blockchain technology and recognising Bitcoin as an industry whose time has come.

Faris’ professional history and credentials:

  • Master of International & Community Development (Deakin University, Melbourne).
  • Bachelor of International Relations (Deakin University).
  • Fluent in English, French and Arabic. 
  • Former Tutor/Lecturer of International Relations at Deakin University. 
  • Former General Manager – Centre for Dialogue at Latrobe University, Melbourne. 
  • Cryptocurrency content creator for University of Sydney. 
  • Intern for President Jimmy Carter’s Centre for Peace and Development. 
  • Host of the BitoinBasicsPodcast. 
  • Author of ‘Bitcoin Begins, Beginner’s Guide to Money, Currency and Bitcoin’. 
  • Host of the Bitcoin Basics Podcast and Fix The Money, Fix The World.
  • Investor/Trader with 20 years experience.